welcome to the new age.

In case anyone is having a bad night:


Here is the fudgiest brownie in a mug recipe I’ve found

Here are some fun sites

Here is a master post of Adventure Time episodes and comics

Here is a master post of movies including Disney and Studio Ghibli

Here is a master post of other master posts to TV shows and movies

*tucks you in with fuzzy blanket* *pats your head*

You’ll be okay, friend <3

what quote are you thinkin of using?

Most likely “(I think) I’m good where I am.” from Ep18? I’m still re-watching some episodes to see if there are other good ones, you have any?


The Nell one was lucky because there were exactly FIVE “action” scenes with her, so I think the Eric one will be easier, I’ll just have to find some really cool angle shots and not just him in front of a computer. ;)

Can we talk about how ECO met LAIRD HAMILTON?

Like HIS SURFING IDOL Laird Hamilton.

A celebrity with another celebrity idol LET’S TALK.

Since I’ve already done a Nell Jones set, maybe I’ll do an Eric Beale one too.. Hmm.. ;)

(because he’s gay) tag

round of applause to Mandy, everyone!