I just really can’t wait for hell week (and the fucking book fair project) to be over.

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Stephen Amell creates a new word

Depression never really goes away. We just learn to live with it and manage it the best we can. And that’s okay



But it sucks.

Yeah, it does. But we fight it anyway.


can melinda may be in thor 3 can she just sort of show up with sif like 


i think nothing would make ming na happier and i want this so much

Let me just take this time to show and complain about how some of our school projects are pissing me off. Like okay I know we have to do this but the grading system has now changed and every subject has one project in every quarter so we’re dealing with nine projects every quarter, so that’s THIRTY-SIX projects in an entire school year.

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It’s weird that I did my homework early yesterday when I got home from school and now I’m technically free and have nothing left to do and I feel like I’m forgetting to do more homework.

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I don’t watch a lot of NCIS (I’m more into LA), but this should still be fun since I’ve still seen a few episodes.

  • my favorite female character: In the few episodes I’ve seen, I’d say Abby Scuito is my favorite.
  • my favorite male character: Hmm… Tony DiNozzo?
  • my favorite book/season/etc: I don’t think I’ve watched enough to actually pick a favorite season. I think I’ll just tell my favorite scene in the next question below.
  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show): I haven’t seen many episodes, but of all I’ve watched, I love the ending of the episode where Gibbs’ ex-wife Diane asks for help (Season Nine, if I’m not mistaken). The part that really got to me was when she said, “You were my Shannon, Leroy.” and I could really feel what she said.
  • my favorite cast member: Michael Weatherly! He’s cool and goofy and I’ve seen some pics of him and Daniela Ruah in some CBS events and they’re just so funny.
  • my favorite ship: Tiva
  • a character I’d die defending: McGee?
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with: —-
  • a character I grew to love: I have to say Tim McGee.
  • my anti otp: Don’t have one.

ncis los angeles + craigslist personals (insp. by x)

No classes tomorrow so I’ll probably do some editing later after homework.


how about we do that thing where you give me a show/movie/fandom and I’ll tell you:

  • my favorite female character
  • my favorite male character
  • my favorite book/season/etc
  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show)
  • my favorite cast member
  • my favorite ship
  • a character I’d die defending
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with
  • a character I grew to love
  • my anti otp

and, knowing me, I’ll probably explain why