I’m in the final round of the history quiz bee this morning!


Btw if anyone asks m to say something funny I will automatically and immediately respond with pop tart.

in which fitz wakes up
jemma: FITZ
fitz: who the hell is fitz
fitz: lol jk i'm fine it was nothing
say something that will make me feel happier please


*shakes nervously because idek what to do exactly*

Should I tell a funny story? Or do I give advice? Umm… Idk I’ll tell you an awkward and funny experience from school way way back.

Okay so my friends decided to pull a prank on me by telling me that there was this cool new transfer student and that he was walking toward us. And they said he’s good looking and I said why don’t you say hi and they said they were too shy so I told them, “don’t be weenies come on” and they kept saying no until the guy was almost near and they know I have this cool line one time when I was introduced to someone so they said I should use it on him so I can introduce them to him and I said watch and learn and when he came by us my friends smiled and he said good morning and I was just like, “SUUUUUP, MAH MAN FROM ANOTHER LAND, WHAT’CHU UP TO, SON?” like a rap artist then low-fived him and it turns out HE WAS A NEW TEACHER.

And to make things worse, he was a substitute during my class after lunch and my friend and I were passing notes to each other and he caught us and he walked to where I was seated and he just said with this big smile, “WHAT’CHU UP TO, SON?” and well that was how I ended my last year at my previous school.

(idk if this makes you happy but if you need advice or anything just feel free to drop by my ask, i’d be glad to help!) :)

Fringe Wisdom - Part III


Groot + Terran music : before and after




its kinda scary when you waste an entire day doing nothing and time just passes

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1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, DRINK.